Winter Haircuts

Well, I think we’ve officially entered fall. It was a balmy 50 degrees out when I woke up this morning, which means it’s sweater weather!  Many of our clients like to do something different in winter as opposed to summer for their pup’s haircut, so I thought I would give a run down of what to do with your pet for winter grooming.

First, let’s talk about the summer versus winter cut. Most of our clients like a haircut that is a little bit longer in the winter to keep their pet warmer. While I am happy to oblige, the truth is, you should be doing the haircut you prefer. For most people, the difference of their summer and winter cut is one to two lengths difference. What we’re talking about then, is the difference of, at most, a half an inch. Half an inch of hair is not enough to really keep your pet warmer in the winter. I personally shave my dog down year round. I prefer that cut on him, and since he only goes outside to relieve himself in the winter, he really doesn’t need an extra half inch of hair.

Second, some clients prefer not to cut their dog’s hair at all during the cold weather. While this is a great option for your dog, it doesn’t mean that your dog needs to skip seeing the groomer all winter. We recommend still coming in on your regular schedule to get your dog a mini groom. It’s everything we would normally do on your pup, without taking any length off the body. It allows us to fully brush out your dog and make sure there are no tangles along with keeping their nails short. We can clean up over the eyes and round up their feet, so they still look fresh and clean from the groomer, and keep their long hair. What we are trying to avoid is the dreaded shave down. Dog after dog will start coming back in, most haven’t seen us in 3-4 months. And let me make this clear, we do not want to shave your dog. We HATE shaving down dogs in matted conditions. It’s hard on your dog, on us and on our grooming equipment.

The bottom line is, talk to your groomer about what is best for you and your pup. We are here for you!