How long
does it take and why?

A groom can take anywhere from 2-4 hours for one dog. A family with multiple dogs can take longer. There are many reasons behind this, but this is mainly to be able to get in as many dogs safely into a day and to give the most attention to your pet. I am also a firm believer in down time for your dog. Most dogs don’t LOVE the groomer. By giving them a break after the bath and blow dry, they are able to relax a bit and make the grooming session more enjoyable. Some reasons why a groom takes longer than others: hair type, type of hair cut, matting, comfort level of the dog.

What types
of dogs benefit from grooming?

ALL of them! Even short coated breeds like labs and pitbulls benefit from a good bath and brush out. Grooming does not always mean haircut. A groom includes bath, nails, ears, sanitary trimming, anal gland expression (if needed),a full brush out and haircut if requested. 

Do you groom cats?

Unfortunately we do not. I am allergic to cats and cannot have them in the shop. 

How often should I come?

In order to maintain a proper and manageable coat, it is recommended that you have your dog groomed every 4 – 6 weeks. This is true for non-shedding breeds such as Poodles, Bichons, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, Terriers, etc. The coat on these breeds can easily become painfully matted if not properly maintained. Breeds that have short, shedding coats can usually wait 8 -12 weeks between grooming appointments, so long as they are brushed thoroughly at home.

What is matting/
why are
you shaving my dog?

A mat is a tangle of hair that cannot be brushed out. "My dog is matted but I don’t want him shaved. Why won’t you brush him out?" Because it hurts A LOT, and is not fair to the dog. Not only that, but it also doesn’t do any good. We will try our best to save as much of the coat as possible, and use a deep conditioner that works to detangle the hair. If the dogs’ hair is matted, the hair is already damaged and will not brush out to healthy looking or feeling hair. If the dog has a mat or two that is a different story – We will do our best to remove the mat and continue with the haircut. Please know that there is an additional fee for working with a matted dog. We have to go much slower as it is much easier to cut a dog when the hair is matted. 

Why aren’t my dogs nails shorter?

In the middle of a dogs nail is what is called the Kwik. This is the blood vein that runs down the nail. There is only so short you can go on a nail before hitting that vein and causing your dogs nails to bleed. To get your dogs nails shorter, we recommend coming in more frequently for nail trims. Up to weekly if need be.

Do I need an appointment or do you accept

We do not. While we can normally get you in very quickly for a nail trim, we do ask that you call before you leave the house to ensure that you do not have to wait.

What is your cancellation policy?

We ask for 24 hours notice for cancellations. Exceptions can be made, but frequently late cancellations will be charged a $20 cancellation fee and asked to pre-pay for their next appointment.

Can I stay with my pet during the grooming?

No. Pets are calmer and better behaved for grooming when the owner is not present. When the owner is present the dog is so focused on the owner that it disrupts the grooming process. It simply is harder on the dog and the groomer. We need the dogs’ full attention. We are using very sharp equipment around your pet’s eyes and other “private parts” of the body. With the owner present the dog will not remain still enough for us to groom him safely.

Why do we ask you to not come back until we call?

Your pet knows your smell, your voice, even the sound of your car. If you come back while your pet is still being groomed, they can get very excited knowing that you are here. A wiggly dog is the most difficult to groom and can lead to a poor haircut, at best. At worst, it can lead to the dog being hurt.

When is it
best to have my puppy groomed for the first time?

We like to see new puppies in our shop as early as 8 weeks of age. It’s never too early to get your dog accustomed to grooming. Your puppy’s first visit will be short and simple. Probably just a bath, blow-dry, nail clipping, and perhaps a little trimming around the face. We need to start very slow and sweet as to not stress the little pup out and to avoid “turning him off” to the grooming process.

Does my
dog need
to be fully vaccinated?

Yes. State law requires rabies vaccination on all dogs. We recommend DHLPP and bordatella as well.

What determines
the cost?

The cost is based on the breed of the dog, what you want done, the condition of the coat, and the pet’s behavior. All pets are different. As hard as you try to describe your dog, his hair, his behavior and what you want done over the phone, without seeing your dog or meeting your dog, we can not give you an exact price over the phone – only an approximation.

Why does
my pet shake so badly when we enter
the salon? Does that mean he's mistreated there?

Dogs shake for a number of reasons. Most of the time, they are “putting on a show” for mom and dad. Almost every dog I have worked on will shake and even cower when mom or dad are with them, but the second the owner leaves, they happily follow us back to the tub. Dogs prefer to stay with you and most dogs aren’t thrilled with the idea of a bath, they are just letting you know that they would rather go home and snuggle on the couch. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t wonderful for grooming, it just means that it isn’t their preference.

I have NEVER known my
pet to bite but the groomer said he tried. Why would
he do that?

There are a number of things that can cause a dog to bite. He could have slept poorly last night. (A car alarm a mile away can be enough for a dog's sensitive hearing.) There could be another dog in the shop having a rough day, barking or crying, and that could affect your pup. Your pup could be more tangled than normal and the process is more than he can handle today. Whatever the reason, I am not telling you to make you feel bad about the situation, but because I want to work together to have the best groom possible for your dog.