Grooming is not just for dogs that need a haircut! A full groom will benefit a lab just as much as it will a poodle. Prices vary by breed, size and condition of coat. Full groom includes bath, nails, ears, full brush out, deshedding treatment and any trimming if necessary. Please contact Fancy Pants for a quote for your pup!

Additional Services $10 Each 

Nail Trims -Most nail trims are completed with a Dremel which makes it much less likely to go too short and cause your dog discomfort.

Ear Cleaning 

Teeth Brushing

Anal Gland Expression

If you are a new customer scheduling online, please remember to send us information on your pup. We balance our day between big dogs, small dogs, full haircuts and mini grooms. Without information on your pup, we cannot accept your appointment request.